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Example: Canon products at Yahoo Shopping

This example illustrates use of user-defined function and external configuration file functions.xml. Function download-multipage-list is called in order to collect all HTML tables that contain information about Cannon products. Products span multiple HTML pages, and the called function in this example downloads at most 10 product pages. After HTML tables are collected, XQuery is used to extract specific data and create resulting XML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config charset="ISO-8859-1">
    <include path="functions.xml"/>
    <!-- collects all tables for individual products -->
    <var-def name="products">    
        <call name="download-multipage-list">
            <call-param name="pageUrl">http://shopping.yahoo.com/s:Digital%20Cameras:4168-Brand=Canon:browsename=Canon%20Digital%20Cameras:refspaceid=96303108;_ylt=AnHw0Qy0K6smBU.hHvYhlUO8cDMB;_ylu=X3oDMTBrcDE0a28wBF9zAzk2MzAzMTA4BHNlYwNibmF2</call-param>
            <call-param name="nextXPath">//a[starts-with(., 'Next')]/@href</call-param>
            <call-param name="itemXPath">//li[@class="hproduct" or @class="hproduct first" or @class="hproduct last"]</call-param>
            <call-param name="maxloops">10</call-param>
    <!-- iterates over all collected products and extract desired data -->
    <file action="write" path="canon/catalog.xml" charset="UTF-8">
        <![CDATA[ <catalog> ]]>
        <loop item="item" index="i">
            <list><var name="products"/></list>
                    <xq-param name="item" type="node()"><var name="item"/></xq-param>
                            declare variable $item as node() external;
                            let $name := data($item//*[@class='title'])
                            let $desc := data($item//*[@class='desc'])
                            let $price := data($item//*[@class='price'])
        <![CDATA[ </catalog> ]]>

The result of extraction is file catalog.xml. (see catalog.xml from October 27th, 2006).